Thursday, January 1, 2015

peace & glitter...

Today, January 1, 2015 I woke up at the blessed time of 11:46AM with glitter in my hair and resolve in my heart.

(Also, please note, I am not some wild partier who routinely wakes up with glitter in her hair and bed sheets; it was New Year’s Eve and we decided to celebrate with sparkling cider, appetizers in the shape of 2015, and throwing glitter at each other. We party HARD my friends.)

(And, in regards to glitter, please insert your favorite Smashmouth, Mariah Carey, or Kesha reference here.)

As mentioned in my obligatory 2014 wrap-up post, this past year was the year of discipline. So, now, what is 2015 the year of? Drum roll please…


Very glamorous, yes. This will be the year that I do nothing. But, in all seriousness, the past two months the Lord has really burdened my heart with the idea of being still, resting, embracing peace, letting Him fight for me, waiting well. The other day, as I was praying over this theme and dwelling on a Scripture for my year, the Lord reminded me of Psalm 46:10, which states:

“Cease striving, be still, and know that I am God…”

Something I have never noticed before is that we don’t know God to be still, we be still to know God. It is on our stillness where He reveals Himself to be the Comforter, Provider, Protector, Savior. If we cast aside our pride and our works and our rush (because obviously Jesus doesn’t understand my life and my priorities and all my Pinterest projects, for the love, there are SO MANY), that is where He moves. So many times, we ask God to move mountains, but then tell Him how to do it. You know those moments when we talk about God looking down and laughing… Cease striving. Let Him move the mountain, and through that, know that He is God.

…we don’t know God to be still, we be
still to know God…

This is the year where I learn to rest in the Lord, to be still and let Him fight for me, reveal Himself to me anew. This is the year that I accept the hallway, where I accept patience, and peace in that. This is the year that I pray fervently and wait; I will rejoice in the waiting, be patient in the waiting, and allow Him to work in me in the waiting. I am not going to wonder if this is the year of a new job, the year I fall in love… Simply, I will stand in wonder as He works.

I am adopting a new holy pace of life, leaving behind my strife and my chasing after the wind. There is too much running, not enough resting… Too much time spent wondering if I am doing enough, if I am enough, when that question is already answered.

This is the year that I produce worship, not worry. Everyday, my prayer is to cease striving, to be still, to know He is God; to guard myself from my own tendency of busyness and rush and scramble.

Friends, what is your theme of 2015? 
What is the Lord pressing upon your heart for this new year? 

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