Can we just agree that somewhere in the future, we could sit down at a sweet little coffee shop, exchanging stories of God’s goodness & faithfulness over perfect lattes and sweet treats? Because that kind of thing is my jam. 
But for now, virtual coffee dates will do just fine.

Well, my name is Kristi and I am so thrilled that you are here. I love a lot of things and a lot of people; my three goals in life are to love Jesus, love people, and have fun. I am an ESFJ. I have no shame in eating a pint of Cherry Garcia all by myself. I am obsessed with Instagram and emojis. My official love language is words of affirmation but unofficially? Sunflowers and breakfast burritos. I'm a big fan of sweet coffee, candles, long conversations, country music, the Old Testament, anything flavored with peach, baseball, and discipleship. I am a Jesus-loving, God-fearing woman who loves herself some gangsta rap and dance parties... can I get an amen?

I have dreams of writing books, getting married, having children, speaking at women’s conferences, adopting, living in The South, owning a farmhouse, and learning how to successfully underwater basket weave. Maybe not that last thing...

Thank you for stopping by my sweet little corner of the inter webs! 
I pray that you find encouragement today and that you 
are intimately known and loved by your Heavenly Father!

[ Guest blogging and speaking inquiries can be emailed to kristimariehowell@yahoo.com ]

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  1. I found you on (in)courage and I just want you to know that I totally thought to myself "This girl is awesome. We could totally be friends." You are so wise and truly a blessing. I seriously LOVED your post {He is establishing good things} That is all... Have a great day!