Saturday, January 31, 2015

texas, bbq, & finding tim riggins...


(I can’t not think of Miss Congeniality when I say Texas… Is this a struggle for you too? More like a blessing, because I love that movie and I am confident that Sandra Bullock and I would be great friends if we ever met.)

A week from this very day, I will be in the land of authentic BBQ, big hair, and Tim Riggins… I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s oozing out of my ears!

A good friend of mine and I are travelling out to attend the IF: Gathering; if you don’t know what the IF movement is all about, PLEASE go to the website and get on this bandwagon, because it is going places! I am excited to see how God moves and convicts and challenges and reveals Himself during this conference. And excited about meeting these women. And eating the BBQ… Have I mentioned the BBQ?

Also, I have never been to Texas, but it has always been on my bucket list. There is SO MUCH to do in Austin, and I know that I won’t be able to pack it all in (especially without a car). No matter the fact, I have some great goals for this trip…

1. Purchase some sort of Texas Longhorns paraphernalia, specifically a baseball hat.

2. Find Tim Riggins.

3. Kayaking on the Colorado River.

4. Meet Jen Hatmaker, Joy Eggerichs, and Shauna Niequist.

5. EAT ALL THE FOOD (see: BBQ). Friends, there are BBQ places, food trucks (one specifically for gourmet donuts, I can’t even), Mexican restaurants, ice cream shops, WHATABURGER and Cracker Barrel. Excuse me while I gain about 12 pounds.

6. Run into Carrie Underwood or Florida Georgia Line or Chris Young or Kenny Chesney at the airport. Please dear Jesus, let this happen, for the love of all things country and good.

7. Blow up your Instagram feed. Literally, this is your warning.

8. Over pack. I do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also, I am planning outfits according to what I want to be photographed in when I meet Carrie Underwood, Chris Young, Jen Hatmaker, and the like. Judge me if you want to, but I do NOT want my first and only picture with Chris Young in a frumpy sweatshirt, headband, and no makeup. How is he supposed to fall in love with me like that? And how am I supposed to frame that picture without cringing every time I look at it? CASE IN POINT, FRIENDS.

9. Wait for God to teach me something BIG at this conference. We will be studying through Joshua and the concept of faith… Yeah, it’s going to be something BIG, I assure you.

10. Read two books; one on the plane ride there and one on the way back. This will distract me from wondering if our plane will go missing or need an emergency landing in the ocean.

There they are, the Texas goals. I cannot wait to share with you all of my findings… the restaurants, the convictions, the Chris Young and the Tim Riggins.

Have you been to Texas?
Where should I eat?
What should I do?

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