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This Saturday, tomorrow, I turn 26 and I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t feel old enough to be in my last year of my mid-twenties. I am nowhere near where I thought that I would be at the age of 26, and I am actually praising God for that; the life I planned for myself by the time I would turn 26 is boring compared to what God has orchestrated for me!
Being 25 was fun and hard, but I am thinking that 26 will be good; I think it will be a year that continues to lead me deeper into God and deeper into myself, that it will be a year where I settle into life a little bit more.

26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years
(in no particular order)

1. Things don’t always end the way that they begin.
2. Conversations with boys are normal; everyone is trying to figure out this whole relationship/dating thing and just because these kinds of conversations are new to you, doesn’t mean they aren’t normal. Uncomfortable is okay.
3. In the kingdom of God, water is thicker than blood.
4. Sometimes, the only appropriate way to deal with a situation is allow yourself to use a curse word and then eat a pint of ice cream, and half a pizza, and then maybe the other half.
5. I have not only survived 26 whole years as a single person, but I have thrived. This year, I learned that my hope is FOR marriage, not IN marriage (daaaaang… right?).
6. There is nothing more fulfilling than loving people well. Whoever is in your life, love the heck out of them, even if it looks absurd.
7. There is ALWAYS time for dance parties and gangsta rap. ALWAYS.
8. Humility is a great companion; don’t take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself when silly things happen.
9. The LORD establishes our steps; we must have confidence amidst the chaos of life because of this.
10. I am nowhere near where I thought I would be at 26 and I am guessing you probably won’t be either, and I am actually super thankful for that. God has spared me from things and saved me for things that I could have never imagined.
11. Choices have consequences, both good and bad. You are responsible for yours, not for anyone else’s.
12. This world is broken, and broken things break.
13. Don’t dismiss your emotions or your problems. Don’t compare your problems to someone in a third world country because, although it could be worse, right now it feels like it’s the worst and you are allowed to think that.
14. Being still takes intention and obedience, because trying harder is not always running faster.
15. Quality over quantity.
16. Seek wisdom in EVERYTHING.
17. If you reach your 20’s and have not seen a counselor, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT RIGHT NOW. Counseling is amazing and everyone needs to figure out why they are the way that they are.
18. Go to baseball games, concerts, road trips, dinners, pumpkin patches. Make lots of plans and have lots of adventures.
19. Contrary to popular belief, bedtimes can be a good thing (especially when you work an 8am-5pm job).
20. Adulting is hard, but it is worth every penny (literally, every penny you make).
21. I like sugar and cream in my coffee and that is a life decision that snobby coffee drinkers will not get in the way of; I am secure in my coffee orders.
22. Grace is deeper still.
24. Mature people can also be fun people.
25. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the stove, invest in a vacuum, and use candles to make your home smell nice.
26. Create boundaries.

What are/were things that you learned by the mid-twenties?
Do any of these resonate with you?

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