Monday, November 2, 2015

all the things: october...

People, October is hands down my favorite month of the year and I hate that it is over. Even though Southern California is not really getting the whole Fall memo, I wish that every month could be October.

Here are all the things (a lot of things!) of October:
What More Do You Want?: Everyone needs to watch this right now. Annie Downs is one of my favorite authors/speakers/people in this entire world. I fully believe that we would be best friends if we lived in the same city. I love her heart for God and for this idea that we are living the good life NOW. Whatever you are waiting for (a job, a marriage, a child, etc.), know that God knows and God sees and He is in control. Trust His timing, trust His character.

Jason Derulo: You guys, I went to a live taping of a particular show with a few friends this past month, and let me tell you, I have no words. I will say that I probably won’t go to another taping (unless it is for Ellen Degeneres or Jimmy Fallon), but seeing Jason Derulo without a shirt… Worth it, worth all four hours of standing. I also ate my feelings in burgers and fries that night because JASON DERULO WITHOUT A SHIRT.

Kick The Dust Up Tour: I also went to see Luke Bryan, Randy Houser, and Dustin Lynch this month for the “Kick The Dust Up Tour”. Luke Bryan kept sneezing on stage and chasing it with a shot of tequila, but you know what, I love that man and his music. Also, Randy Houser was the most pleasant surprise; that man has PIPES. Like, I want him to sing me to sleep every night. We had so much fun and I am already ready for next summer and all the country tours to roll back in to town!

WhenYou Have An Overly Expressive Face: People, this is me. I have gotten in to SO MUCH trouble because I wear my emotions and reactions on my precious face. I often look much like Kristen Wiig in that photo. 

Adele and Bieber: YOU GUYS THESE SONGS. “Hello” and “Sorry” have been the soundtrack to October.

Dating:Are We Doing It Wrong?: Okay, so this. I wish that I had written this article myself because it is good good good. We live in a time (in this church) where we are terrified to be vulnerable and to date and confess that none of us know what the heck we are doing. Coffee dates are NOT marriage proposals, people. Please read this, you will not regret it!

Twenty-Six: This month I turned 26, and it has been one of my favorite birthdays! I am thankful for what 25 was for me and am excited for what 26 will be; did you get a chance to read about everything I learned in these past years? Read HERE.

Pumpkins, Wheelbarrows, and Halloween: Halloween is my most favorite holiday ever. I love carving pumpkins, going to the pumpkin patch, passing out candy, dressing up, drinking cider… It’s just the best! This year, my college roommates and I spent the day at a local pumpkin patch going through the corn maze and picking out pumpkins. We spent the rest of the night eating candy, drinking cider, carving pumpkins, and watching “Hocus Pocus”. It was the absolute best. Also, I carved my pumpkin as an ode to my favorite emoji: HEART EYES. It turned out perfect. Halloween was perfect.

So friends, how was your month?
Are we ready for November?

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