Friday, October 24, 2014


For the past 25 years of my life, God has been so good to me. I look at each year, each trial and blessing, and through both, have been incredibly thankful for all. I have learned so much, and those lessons have not come cheaply.

This year, my 24th, has been a complete rollercoaster. Friends, many of you have seen me through some wild times; there has been rejection, loss of dreams, beautiful and hard ministry, new opportunities, travel, questioning, health issues, spiritual issues, and so much more. My life has been filled to the brim, rich in every way; the lows have been overwhelmingly dark and the highs have been a radiantly bright.

25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years
(in no particular order)

1. Drawing near to Jesus is just as important in the joys as it is in the trials. 

2. Learn to be still and let the Lord fight for you sometimes; this life is not meant to be lived under your control, but the control of the Almighty. Accept this and life gets a tad bit easier.

3. Sometimes the greatest Friday nights are spent on the couch. Cue the candles, comfy blankets, popcorn, and mildly inappropriate shows (The Mindy Project? Marry Me? New Girl? YES, ALL OF THEM, YES.).

4. Don't be afraid of the hard things. 

5. Sometimes it’s okay to break the budget on a Target spree (those dollar bins and Cartwheel and Shopkick and for the love, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING ON SALE).

6. Laugh at yourself. Literally, laugh at yourself in moments of stupidity, embarrassment, and failure. If you take yourself too seriously, you will end up missing some of the greatest moments of life.

7. Striving to appear perfect is a waste of time. Christ didn’t die for your perfection; He died for your hot mess of a life.

8. Don’t be ashamed of your past, your family, the skeletons in your closet.  Everyone has their thing, so don’t be insecure about your thing.

9. God is for you, not against you. Emotions tell you differently, cling to truth.

10. Saying no is okay. Learning to say no to good things gives you the ability to say yes to the great things.

11. Anxiety is a real thing. 

12. Singleness is just as sanctifying as marriage.

13. The best way to kill a spider is with hairspray (#singlegirlwoes [see above]).

14. There is such a thing as too much Pinterest. Stop comparing and striving and live your life.

15. Sometimes being between a rock and a hard place means you’re between a good thing and a godly thing. Follow the godly thing, always.

16. There is something powerful about calling your mom and hearing her say that you are going to be okay. Being an adult is hard, and to have someone who knows you deeply tell you that you are going to make it? Soothes the soul like WOAH.

17. Don’t underestimate the power of a solo dance party.

18. You are not the friends you have, the medicine you take, the career you pursue, the man you marry, how well you fit into your jeans… You are found in Christ. Know that, believe that.

19. Take yourself on a date. Drive to the beach, go see a movie, eat lunch at your favorite café, splurge on a frilly coffee or a new dress.

20. The best way to grow in the Lord is on your knees.

21. Social media is a highlight reel. Real life is messy and gritty and wild and unfiltered. Live in that place.

22. Sometimes, the only accurate, valid response to life is a cuss word. (I am a sinner, obvi.)

23. A mentor can be the greatest, wisest choice you can make for yourself. Find someone who encourages you, challenges you, speaks truth into you, and texts you eCards and emojis and takes care of you when you have surgery and freak out over WebMD articles.

24. Prioritize rest.

25. Your high school crush is probably just as dreamy as he was in high school. At least, mine is…

What are some of the greatest lessons you have learned in your short time on earth?
Are you a fan of the solo dance party, and if not, WHY?

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