Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a mid-trip update...

Hola from Ecuador!
A quick update from South America:

One: If you ever find yourself in Quito, make sure that you drink your weight in coffee. Also, stop by Lucia's Pie & Grill for the best chocolate pie you will ever have in your life.

Two: You are closer to the sun, so you tan really easy (and burn faster). But the good news is, I am going to come back looking like a tan South American goddess. 

Three: This trip has already been full of fun, life-giving conversations and those are what I will remember about my time here. 

Four: ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE WILD LLAMAS, even if that means you sneak into their pen. (Question: are llamas violent? Also, did you know they are really fast?)

Five: The views are beyond gorgeous. I'm blown away by the mountains and lush trees.

Stay tuned!

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