Tuesday, December 1, 2015

dressember & doing the Jesus things...

Thirty one days.
Eighteen girls (and counting).
This is the stuff that I love; empowering women (of all ages!) to do Jesus things, and people, fighting human trafficking is a SERIOUS JESUS THING. As Christians, we cannot leave the fight for dignity, humanity, and justice to those who do not recognize Jesus and the worth that He has given us as image-bearers; we are nothing if not responsible to shed light to the darkness.

My sweet friend Lisa (who is one of the most God-loving, quirky, fun women I have ever met in my entire life) and I had an amazing idea… What if we did Dressember WITH OUR HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP? You can do the Jesus things at any age, so why haven’t we thought of this before?

For the month of December, we have committed to wearing a dress EVERY SINGLE DAY in order to raise awareness and funds for an anti-trafficking movement.

We prayed, we wooed them with donuts, and here we are on the first day with eighteen girls pledging to wear dresses for the whole month of December, advocating for those who have no voice, using their wardrobes and social medias to bring awareness and open the eyes of a generation of people who have become blind to the evil that thrives here in our own backyards.

As leaders of this group, we are praying for three things:

Awareness: We pray that our group has an increased awareness of the evils of human trafficking; labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and debt bondage. Slavery is not just an "overseas thing", it is a local and global epidemic and is here in our own backyard in the Inland Empire. Human trafficking is directly tied to prostitution, drugs, pornography, and other evils. 

Burden: We pray that our group would cultivate a sense of responsibility; that now knowing what we know, we are held accountable to these things and we cannot turn a blind eye. We pray for a holy discontentment, that our hearts would be restless and broken, desiring freedom and redemption and dignity for men, women, and children across the globe.

Action: We pray that our involvement in Dressember would be a catalyst for local involvement through ministries in our church, The Grove. We pray that being aware and being burdened, we would move to tangible action.

This December, we pray that our hearts would build a greater understanding of what it means to fight the good fight and stand up for our brothers and sisters who are trapped in such wickedness. 
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To donate, visit my personal link here:

Stalk our hashtag #theoverflowhsdressember on Instagram to see how our girls are raising awareness! They are already off to a really amazing (cute) start!

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