Wednesday, December 2, 2015

all the things: november...

Holy Moses, IT IS DECEMBER. We are less than one month from a new year and maybe that gives me a little bit of anxiety. November was really fun and busy; I resurrected my inner athlete, blasted (and am still blasting) Adele every single day in my car, and had some good food.

Here are all the things of November:
Athletic Things: I participated in not one but TWO athletic things this month and my team won both. Our Annual Broom Hockey Championship with our high school students was this month, and we KILLED it. I also played in our Young Adults Turkey Bowl, and they KILLED it (they meaning the others on my team because watching football is one thing, but playing is a whole other thing entirely). This month, I am just thankful to be a winner, because I always lose everything.

Incourage Post: This month I was featured over at Incourage and it was so much fun! The response to my writing was so humbling… To hear that your words were needed, that they were an encouragement, that they spoke truth into someone’s life season… It’s maybe one of the best feelings in the world. I love writing, I love being able to use my gifting’s for God in such a way. If you haven’t read it, pop on over HERE.

Adele: I mean, do I need to elaborate? This entire month my car-dancing, car-singing, and car-crying has gone to a completely new level. #allthefeels

When She Gets a Yes: You guys, this article is gold and rubies and all the other precious things. You need to read this, whoever you are. Pop over HERE.

Friendsgiving: This should really be called Pantsgiving, because I gained about 14 pounds after that dinner. We had enough food to feed thirty people AND have leftovers. I am so thankful for friends who have become family (and for friends that cook really great food).

Short and simple, because I am already anticipating December will be a very long list of good things.

                                        How are you doing post-November?

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