Tuesday, March 31, 2015

all the things: march...

Recently, I had a great conversation with a fellow writer and kindred about blogging and consistency. In an attempt to be more consistent with my writing, I will be adding some regular postings into my blog, one of which will be monthly wrap-ups!

Here are all the things (the important ones, at least) of March!

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott: If you are a writer (or aspiring writer), you need to read this book now! A bunch of my writer friends (Annie Downs and Jen Hatmaker) (also, I have decided we are friends after the IF: Gathering and because we are kindreds) recommended this book throughout their blogs and podcasts and I quickly ran to pick it up. It is brilliant!

Scary Close by Donald Miller: This book is brilliant; Miller speaks freely and openly about his issues with trust, intimacy, and being known. It’s insane, because I feel like I know so many people who struggle with these things, and I learned so much about them through his writing. Well done, sir.

The Happy Hour by Jamie Ivey: I heard Jamie Ivey speak at the IF: Gathering this past February. Jamie has a way of just talking about real life with real people that is so inspiring! I listen to her and her guest (people like Annie Downs, Jen Hatmaker, Jessica Honneger, and all my other kindreds) in the mornings while I am making coffee and putting my make-up on. The podcast is free on her blog here.

She Reads Truth Lent Study: Ladies (and men too), if you have not heard of She Reads Truth, THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE! I have told everyone I know about this site (and they have a handy app for the iPhone and Android complete with their studies, phone wallpapers, and a bunch more goodies!) because the studies are so accessible and so good. Typically, Lent is not something I do or understand, but this year and the SRT Lent study has given me a completely new perspective! Even outside of Lent, this study is so rich and full. Have you found a good site for devotionals and Bible studies? Share in the comments!

Old Navy Chambray: I have literally been living in my chambray. It has stains and marks on it, and I don’t even care because for the love, it is so comfy. Old Navy is having wild Spring sales right now, so if you are in need of a casually cute, comfy chambray, RUN DON’T WALK.

New Recipes: This month I tried a bunch of Pinterest recipes and they all worked out beautifully! Everything from snacks to full meals… I love having the time to cook and bake!

My Roadtrip: I already posted about this here, but people, it was such a needed time with a dear friend!

Fresh Flowers: Welcome Springtime! I picked up a bouquet of some beautiful flowers this month at the local Farmer’s Market and they are still bright and blooming! I already have my eye on some new ones at Trader Joe’s once these ones lose their life. Is it just me, or do flowers make everything THAT much better?

Kara Tippetts: This post by Ann Voskamp… MERCY. I was crying like Kara was my best friend. Praise God for an amazing life lived!


Twitter: This past month, both Ann Voskamp and Maragaret Feinberg favorited my tweets on Twitter… And I about fell over in my chair. That is all.

What are some things that you enjoyed this past month?


  1. Flowers. Warm air. Friendship. My baby. Your posts. Beach walks. Church. Hubby.

    Love you!!

  2. Thanks for chatting about my podcast and for listening. Geez love hearing this!