Tuesday, September 23, 2014

celebrate the season (no, not Christmas)...

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall…” 
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you don’t know, today is the First Day of Autumn. And if you haven’t already, today you can whip out all your leafy garlands and polka dot painted pumpkins, start planning your annual trips to the pumpkin patch, and finish the day off with a festive PSL without judgment.

Although Southern California typically boycotts Fall and any sort of cooler weather, I am completely and totally devoted to everything about this season! As the girl who breaks out my boots when there is one cloud in the sky, an overcast morning, or a flash flood, I am now justified in my actions. “What? Oh, my boots? In 80 degree weather? Yes, it’s Fall, and I am choosing to celebrate. Get off my back, Negative Nancy.

Summer people, you have had your season. Your beach days, strawberry shortcakes, deep-fried fair foods, summer flings, and pool parties… These are all good things, things that I enjoy, but please make way for my heart season! It’s time to roll up the slip’n’slides and popsicles and roll out the blankets and pumpkin pie recipes. I say it again, ROLL UP AND ROLL OUT.

Can I just quickly tell you my most favorite things about Fall? Can I get all Julie Andrews on you for a minute?

Scarves: In and out of season, scarves are my jam. I have a slight obsession, and it gets worse in Fall. Target always has some Cartwheel coupon, and my heart just can’t resist. Florals and cheetahs and infinities and the chunky knits… Give me all the scarves, all of them, now.

Pumpkin patches: Homemade fudge, apple pie, apple cider, artisan crafts, crunchy leaves, petting zoos, corn mazes… What is NOT to love about these places? Pumpkin patches are easily one of my favorite fall festivities. There is just something about scouring a field of pumpkins, looking for “The One”. White pumpkins, orange pumpkins, gourds, and sunflowers… Majestic. People talk about that tingly feeling they get about Christmas morning… I get that when I think about pumpkin patches.

Boots: Again, it’s 80 degrees and I am wearing boots. I am 100% confident that boots make any outfit that much better. And, it’s the end of September; so don’t judge lest you be judged, sir.

Candles: During Fall, my house smells like leaves and pies and lattes, and I couldn’t love it more! I mean really, would you rather your house smell like a cotton candy machine blew up in your house or like you just made pumpkin pies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for an entire army? The latter, please and thank you.

Food: Pies, lattes, breads, and pumpkin everything… Sign me up! This season ushers in the spirit of hospitality and gathering, baking and inviting. Fall begins the hustle and bustle of kitchen ministry, baking for others just simply because, inviting friends over to try a new recipe just simply to try it. (And if you aren’t into baking at all, see point above… CANDLES. Make them think you made it from scratch.)

Leaves: The colors and the crunch, the leaves are easily one of my most favorite things about Fall. The world bursts into these oranges and reds, and I am always amazed at the beauty of creation in this time. Again, Southern California rarely experiences this fully, but when I catch glimpses, I am so very thankful.

My birthday: My heart was made for Fall, how could it not be, I was born into it! Exactly a week before Halloween of 1989, little Kristi made her entrance into the world. Yes, another reason to be thankful for Fall!

Oh Fall, I will continue to sing your praises all of my life! Coffee tastes better, weather is cooler, and clothes are prettier.

Celebrate the change of the season today… Buy a little pumpkin, drink a festive latte, light a flavorful candle, or wear a scarf. Welcome Fall with open arms, Lord knows I am!

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