Tuesday, March 19, 2013

surrendering a full heart...

The human heart is full of desires, longings and convictions, whose roots run deep into the core of the soul. This poor organ from which such things spring is often caught between great battles, ones that even a most skilled soldier could not fight and master. In the presence of God, the heart is warmed, comforted and carried, yet in the presence of fear, the unknown and distraction, it can be heavy laden and weary. It is this battle, the battle of trusting the Lord to carry our heart, full of its desires and wants, or rather to leave it dwelling in its worries, that consumes me this very day.

Recently, I have thought about the conviction of trust. My sweet friends, how is it that we can trust our Lord with our life, with our salvation and ultimate end yet not trust in Him to provide us joy and abundance in this life? How is it that we can trust Him to be the Author and Perfector of our faith, yet be weary to hand Him the pen that writes our love story? When we hand our hearts to the Lord, we hand Him what they are filled with, not just a meaningless organ.

By choosing to trust Him with my heart, I am choosing to trust Him with the desire of being a wife and a mother, with my desire to lead students, with my desire for my family to know the Lord; I am choosing to give Him the fears of failure, loneliness and a wasted life to Him. And the sweetest thing is that He takes them, but not only takes them but lays them aside, replacing those desires with His, with abundance, joy and fruit that is unfathomably sweet to the soul.

May we have strength to not only trust in Him with our salvation but to trust in Him with the daily surrender of our hearts and all that encompasses.

Giving the Lord your whole heart is much different than giving the Lord your FULL heart; the desires, longings and convictions that it holds. May we have strength to not only trust Him with salvation but with our daily lives!

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