Sunday, July 15, 2012

.a new season...

Every good, and bad, season of life seems to be recorded. We look back into history books and examine wars, lives and movements. We record so that we may look back; we can see tangible growth in history.

This little space is just that. It is my history book. Outside of my personal journal (which I would die without), this space serves as a record.

So, here you will find me in the crux of transition. This sweet little season is one that I have titled postgrad. I am truly learning who I am, what I desire in life; intentionally making decisions, which will plunge me into the ocean that is my future, and honestly, trying not to have daily meltdowns because seriously people, this is probably one of the hardest seasons of life to be in.

But amidst this, I know that I am a child of the Almighty. He tells me great truths about Himself and about myself that I choose to cling to and believe wholeheartedly in the midst of anxiety and discontentment.

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